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Author: David Eason

David has a strong business acumen gained from exposure to a variety of commercial environments with experience in closing large contracts across multiple vertical markets. David has cross functional expertise in enterprise sales, marketing, project management, strategy and operations.

Generation Z: Your Guide to the Future of Public Transport?

By David Eason October 26, 2018

MaaS, on-demand transit and generational change.

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The ROI of effective financial management of your warehouse

By David Eason August 27, 2018

Get your warehouse in shape: save time and money

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How transparency and systems can help make you sale-ready (preparing for an acquisition)

By David Eason August 13, 2018

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, SOLD! The key to a profitable sale for bus companies.

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Top way to improve efficiency for bus operators (communication)

By David Eason July 30, 2018

The Secret of Any Successful Bus Operator

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How to implement a healthy driver fatigue monitoring policy

By David Eason July 16, 2018

Is your current driver fatigue policy keeping you up at night?

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The Future of Transport - Is your business ready for change?

By David Eason July 08, 2018

Technology’s continued advancement is inevitable. The question is: how do you prepare for the changes that are coming and which ones will most affect the way you operate?

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