Australasia Bus & Coach Show 2017: Event Recap

Sep 28, 2017
The Australasia Bus & Coach Show, organised by QBIC, was held in the Gold Coast from 24 – 26 Sep. If you weren’t able to make it to the show, here’s a quick round-up of what happened.

Australasia Bus & Coach Show 2017: Event Recap

The Australasia Bus & Coach Show, organised by the Queensland Bus Industry Council (QBIC), was a family-friendly exhibition held in the Gold Coast from 24 – 26 Sep. Besides the large number of shiny brand new buses and coaches that drew a large crowd, there were also some good speeches and presentations. If you weren’t able to make it to the show, here’s a quick round-up of what happened:

Commitment to connectivity for commuters

Assistant Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Glenn Butcher opened the event. He spoke about the Queensland state government’s commitment to working in partnership with the bus and public transport industry and outlined various achievements, such as the introduction of TransLink to Toowoomba and their major investment in Brisbane’s bus network including the Queens Wharf development in the city.

The Assistant Minister also said that the government was committed to building an integrated public transport network in Queensland and creating a “more connected and liveable city – a Queensland for all commuters”. With Brisbane at #16 on the World’s Most Liveable City rankings (behind Melbourne at #1 for seven years in a row, Adelaide at #5 for six years in a row, Perth at #7 and Sydney at #11), we are on the right track but there is definitely still some way to go.

Keynote speakers: Dick Johnson AM and Rob Redenbach

It’s no secret that many people were thrilled to have Dick Johnson AM, Australia’s most successful touring car driver, speaking at the event. With over three decades of racing experience, the three-time Bathurst winner and five-time victor of the Australian Touring Car Championship was eagerly anticipated by most delegates.

It was a humbling and awe-inspiring experience listening to him talk about not just his wins, but the hard work that had to be put in by so many people for success to come:

“There is no I in TEAM. But Together Everyone Achieves More.”

– Dick Johnson AM –

Rob Redenbach’s relevance to the bus show wasn’t immediately obvious as he was introduced as having taken part in drug raids with the FBI in America, training Nelson Mandela’s bodyguards and protecting aid-workers in the Middle East, but he drew some excellent parallels between his experiences and the way we do things in the bus industry.

Rob spoke about how everyone follows a certain script and acts a certain way. This wasn’t necessarily bad, but following the same script will get you the same place every time. So if you want to get to a better place, you need to change the script: take things out, add things in, modify it. Just because someone else is doing things one way, or you’ve always done things the same way, is not a good reason to stay complacent.

Lastly, he urged attendees to examine their practices and really think about whether those practices were still appropriate today, and to tap into collective intelligence from their employees or colleagues to see if there was a better way of doing things.

Presentations by Trapeze Group

Trapeze was honoured to have two speaking spots on the second day of the Australasia Bus & Coach Show. Here’s a summary of the presentations:

Solving Business Challenges Using Data You Already Have Today

Presented by Kelly Crookes

This presentation focussed on making the most of the data that bus operators already collect to solve business challenges revolving around KPIs for accidents and customer satisfaction.

With so much data coming into your business daily, it can be difficult to spot the patterns and analyse the trends – without a BI tool, you would need to spend a fair amount of time looking things up, creating different reports, downloading data into Excel and manipulating them this way and that to work out what is going on. However, using the right software could ensure you can find all the intelligence you need to find and fix problems.

The Business Insights Pyramid including data, information, intelligence and insight

Click here to view the slide pack

Tendering: Scheduling Your Way to Success

Presented by Grant Coffee

This presentation revolved around tendering and how smart scheduling is necessary before, during and after you put your bid in.

Contrary to what some may think, your efforts to win new business should start long before any tender is announced and the hard work doesn’t stop after you win the contract. You should build a relationship with the local authority in the pre-tender stage to find out what is important to them and ensure you deliver this once you have won the work in order to keep their business.

Tendering overview including bus numbers, service and school KMs, dead KMs, driver numbers and costing

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The Australasia Bus & Coach Show was a great opportunity to showcase our experience in the areas of scheduling and business intelligence. It was good to see many interested people in the audience, some of whom came up to me later to ask for copies of the presentations. However, the biggest highlight was getting to catch up with many familiar faces from Keolis Downer, Clark’s Logan City Bus Service, Christians Bus Company, Pulitano Group and Sapphire Coast Buslines – thanks for dropping by at our stand! We look forward to the next bus show in New Zealand.

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