Rail driving insights

The MyDAS module provides driving performance reports via a web application that is accessible on multiple platforms.

MyDAS reinforces good driving behaviour and provides drivers with intelligence to make accurate and consistent driving decisions on future trips, making trains run on time while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. It provides individual driver and team performance data for any type of train – passenger, freight, light rail, high-speed, and heavy haul – and traction type, including diesel, electric, hydrogen, and battery.


Driver statistics and targets

MyDAS provides detailed statistics on every trip a driver undertakes, including total trip time, speed limit compliance, and timing at scheduled stops.

Other information includes how much energy and carbon emissions have been reduced on individual trips, and details on how often driving advice was followed. Drivers can compare statistics against other routes they have driven and previous trips on the same route. Drivers can also provide feedback and journey notes so that external factors can be assessed and potentially used to improve future runs.