“iTram will bring London Trams in line with existing TfL performance operational practices already used by London Buses and River Boats, providing commonality of service management. In addition the system will improve London Trams performance data reporting, analysis and management ability by capturing accurate and reliable real time performance data linked to tram geographic location. This data analysis through the use of BI will permit identification of performance trends contributing to operational benefits, allowing measures to be taken to address these trends and to drive operational enhancement. The on-board tram system provides in-cab driver alert of the network Permanent Speed Restriction (PSRs) signs changes along with over-speed and violations alerts. This will increase driver hazard awareness and enhance day to day operational safety. As part of future of the iTram project (Phase 2) The integration into the next stop displays on both trams and platforms will give London Trams the added ability to inform passengers on service updates such as delays, tourist attractions/places of interest and travel connections to buses and trains.”

Terry Hewlett, Systems & Business Manager
Transport for London, United Kingdom

Transport for London Talks ITS and Multi-Operator Management

Transport for London operates the world’s largest public AVLC system, transporting over 7 million passengers daily in Europe’s most populous city. To overcome the challenge of increased congestion on the road and continue providing reliable services, Transport for London uses the real-time information generated by the Trapeze ITS and AVLC system to proactively monitor performance and take action to deliver services as passengers expect.

Duration: 9 mins 16 secs
Transport for London Talks ITS and Multi-Operator Management

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