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Real-time advice for drivers

Diesel, electric, high-speed, freight, and heavy haul

DAS is Trapeze’s Driving Advice System which reduces the energy used to complete journeys by optimising braking and acceleration. This keeps your trains running on time while reducing fuel costs by ten per cent or more and decreasing carbon emissions.

Our Connected Driving Advice System, known as C-DAS, builds upon this core DAS platform by enabling your trains to communicate with one another in real time, exponentially enhancing train movements across your network.

Our DAS solution is proven worldwide

DAS is transformative rail software that enables high-value performance, profitability, and decarbonisation outcomes.

Standalone Driving Advice System (DAS)
Connected Driving Advice System (C-DAS)

Standalone Driving Advice System (DAS)

Improve on-time running while reducing your fuel costs and carbon emissions.

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Connected Driving Advice System (C-DAS)

Expect more from your trains. C-DAS integrates with your digital systems to connect your network.

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Train performance research

Driven by unique academic and industry partnership

The TTG Energymiser algorithm at the heart of Trapeze’s DAS system is a physics-based solution using the optimal speed profile methodology. It was developed at the University of South Australia by Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Peter Pudney, through an industry partnership that builds upon 30 years of ongoing academic research.

Our rail-specific technology has been supported by funding from the Australian Research Council and honoured with awards from the Export Council of Australia and the Australian Trade & Investment Commission.

Article | Driving Advice System (DAS)
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The connected DAS, where you integrate the onboard systems back to the back end of train control can create a potential opportunity to tie those things together to take it to the next level.

Soren Low, Technology and customer innovation leader, KiwiRail

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