Austrics Windows Update Q&A

Published December 09, 2022 in News

Big news for Austrics customers!

The new Austrics Windows interface, which will be the hallmark of Austrics in 2023 and beyond, is available on our V22.3 product update.

As 2022 draws to a close, we are delighted to reveal the outcome of Trapeze’s continued commitment to adding even greater value across our established Austrics system.

With this exciting rollout now upon us, our ANZ Bus Product Manager, Bennett Humphries, has answered some of the big questions for our customers:

Q : What has been happening behind the scenes with Austrics this year?

A : Our team has engineered a complete overhaul of the Austrics system, modernising the architecture which is now based on APIs and cloud-based solutions. It’s a major change to the Austrics back-end which allows for significant improvements to be delivered across the product, so seeing this long-term project through to completion has been a significant investment and our primary focus during 2022.

Q : That’s big news! So what can Austrics customers expect from the new release?

A : The most eye-catching element is that our client application is now available on Windows, creating a range of benefits that flow from using a refreshed interface on a familiar, user-friendly operating system and desktop which all our customers will be comfortable with. Austrics 22.3 will be the first release available on Windows in a series of planned updates that will introduce further improvements over time. We also reimagined how to run crew and fleet scheduling jobs, leading to the development of the new Optimiser Job Manager tool. These improvements deliver better graphics, more intuitive screen designs, and improved functionality that will ultimately see us phase out NoMachine and Linux for our clients in due course.

Q : Is there more to come for Austrics customers in 2023?

A : Yes, this release is just the start. The Trapeze team is looking forward to a year of growth in Austrics during 2023, as we roll out a series of updates to support and enhance our new Windows solution and deliver more advanced EV scheduling capability. Watch this space in the New Year!

Q : What about customers who are satisfied with their current setup?

A : The first thing to emphasise is that Trapeze’s Austrics optimisation engine, Matcru(TM) and Matopt(TM), is still the market leading, world class solution – that doesn’t change. We are confident that this new release, and the subsequent rollout during 2023, creates efficiencies and improvements that benefit our customers right away, which they will appreciate when they see the enhanced workflows in action. We will work with our clients to ensure the roll-out timing works for them, and everything will continue to work on the current versions in the meantime.

Something else that doesn’t change is our dedicated customer care team. We are still here to help you, so just reach out to us to discuss the future of Austrics within your business.

Q : So what is the next step for Austrics customers?

A : The Trapeze team can assist you with the initial install process, then further updates will be rolled out during 2023 that are intuitive and easy to complete.

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