Legacy EAM replacement drives 70% efficiency gains

Published December 12, 2016 in Case Studies

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) needed to replace its legacy asset and maintenance management system, implement a “green screened” mainframe, and improve reporting across all departments and assets.

They also wanted improved labour tracking, project and warranty tracking, better identification of high cost parts, improved rail track inspection capabilities and deployment of analytics to better manage the business.

MARTA was looking for superior enterprise asset management (EAM) software capabilities coupled with the ability to manage fleet, rail, stationary, and linear assets in the same program.


    • 4,000 employees
    • 1,520 vehicles (including bus, paratransit, non-revenue and track work vehicles)
    • 30,000 assets
    • 38 rail stations
    • 167km of mainline track
    • 3 major yards
    • 450,000 passengers a day


    • Integrated management of bus, rail, track and maintenance-of-way within one database
    • Improved reporting capability with automated reports
    • Increased efficiency: estimated 70% time saving

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