Connected-DAS: A Revolution in Driver Advisory Systems

Published July 08, 2022 in Blog

It is well understood that Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) can deliver significant benefits through a reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Such benefits are both immediate and significant: measurable improvements can be seen from the first day of operation, and can be profoundly impactful, with ScotRail reporting an almost seven per cent reduction in energy since implementing the solution.

However, it is increasingly clear that the benefits derived from DAS can be magnified by integrating it with a Traffic Management System (TMS), resulting in the creation of C-DAS, or Connected-DAS.

Conceptually, the transition to C-DAS can be likened to motorists using a satellite navigation with live traffic information, because the true power of the driving advice is unlocked when it is able to act upon real-time data.

C-DAS Explained

Connected DAS integrates with real-time network information from a Traffic Management System and then uses TTG’s proven algorithms to calculate the most efficient way to deliver services, considering all available factors.

Driving advice is updated in real-time, proactively directing where to coast, hold or accelerate to avoid unnecessary braking through bottlenecks on the tracks ahead.

In this way, C-DAS enables train operators to respond to any developing congestion or disruptions – for example, diversions, stopping pattern alterations or schedule changes.

C-DAS minimises energy use and rolling stock wear and tear; prevents the exponential accumulation of delays; and ensures a better passenger experience through improved on-time performance and smoother journeys with maximum coasting.

But most importantly, by building on the proven DAS solution with integrated real-time information, C-DAS delivers even greater savings from day one through reduced energy consumption, minimised vehicle maintenance costs and accuracy of delay attribution.


C-DAS technical whitepaper

Find out how the integration of Connected Driving Advice Systems (C-DAS) with safety-critical systems is critical to maximising decarbonisation opportunities available to railways.

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