Information technology for public transport (ITxPT)

Published November 17, 2021 in eBook/Whitepaper

Open standards are a key tool that ensures different systems can easily interface with each other. Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) is just such a standard that is now becoming widely adopted amongst transport authorities and operators.

Created specifically to address the needs of the public transport industry, ITxPT is a way to share resources and upgrade devices for vehicles, without being locked into a single supplier. ITxPT, where Trapeze Group is a Principal Member, results in easier testing, less development, and lower costs, as well as an easier path for system migration. ITxPT continues to evolve with new versions and upcoming specifications such as electric vehicles, demand-responsive transport, and more.

David Panter, one of Trapeze’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) experts, explains why ITxPT is becoming widely adopted across the public transport industry.

In this whitepaper, you will find out:

    • Why ITxPT standards are being adopted for new and retrofitted vehicles to ensure multiple systems can easily interface with each other
    • How ITxPT promotes improved cost-efficiency of IT systems, while ensuring openness and continuous competition in the public transport IT market
    • Why transport authorities and operators should specify that the ITxPT label should be required in any tender or specification
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