ITS Evaluation Guide

Published August 18, 2023 in ITS Evaluation Guide

Gain an overview of the ITS solutions available, their benefits, and an evaluation guide that you can use to assess them. It also provides an auditable checklist to evaluate your systems and identify opportunities for improvement by implementing or upgrading to other systems.

Chapters in the guide

Optimal planning and scheduling of public transport services

ITS as a tool to support public transport operations

Passenger experience can be improved with ITS solutions

Let your data drive your operation performance

Download the ultimate guide to ITS

This e-book summarises the benefits of public transport Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and how they help meet the challenges presented by larger and more populous cities. It also includes an evaluation guide with specific questions public transport authorities and operators should consider when selecting an ITS solution.

The brains behind the guide

David Panter | ITS Industry Solutions Manager

Over 20 years of experience in ITS, David’s strong engineering and commercial background means he understands the issues involved with developing, delivering, and maintaining a modern ITS platform for both transport authorities and operators.

Mode of Transport

Bus, Trams/Light Rail, Ferry


Intelligent Transport Systems

Meet the author

David Panter

Industry Solutions Manager, ITS

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