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Published August 30, 2022 in ITS Evaluation Guide

Increased urbanisation has placed greater pressure on cities to provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable public transport. This whitepaper summarises the benefits of public transport Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and how they help meet the challenges presented by larger and more populous cities. It also includes an evaluation guide with specific questions public transport authorities and operators should consider when selecting an ITS solution.

Cities around the world face the challenge of their populations becoming larger and denser. Public transport is essential to move people around quickly and efficiently to help meet the needs of this ever-growing populace. Well planned public transport systems connect urban populations and allow people to take full advantage of the opportunities that cities offer to live, work and play.

At the same time, cities are dealing with multiple environmental issues, and climate change will most acutely impact areas where populations are the densest. Public transport has a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions both within its own operations and those of other transport modes by shifting passengers from private cars.

Intelligent Transport Systems help achieve these goals and provide a better passenger experience throughout the whole journey – from the planning phase to implementation and daily operations. ITS solutions have evolved considerably and are now made up of multiple components that can be used on their own or integrated with other systems to enable efficient public transport operations.

This whitepaper provides an overview of the ITS solutions available, their benefits, and an evaluation guide that you can use to assess them. It also provides an auditable checklist to evaluate your systems and identify opportunities for improvement by implementing or upgrading to other systems.

This information will allow you to determine the suitability of ITS solutions for your public transport services. Our guide lets you assess what you need to look for when considering an ITS technology solution and the questions you need to ask prospective ITS vendors.

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